Creative Thinking Techniques
creative exercise

Be Creative in Entrepreneurship – Use Creative Thinking Techniques

One of the traits of the creatives is that they are never satisfied with the existing, they always seek new creative challenges and the ...

idea analogy creative thinking technique

Idea Analogy – Creative Thinking Technique

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another (The First Law of ...

pomodoro technique

Techniques for Developing Creative Thinking – Pomodoro Technique

You have probably heard of Pomodoro Technique in the context of learning, but did you know that this technique is one of the most ...

creative thinking techniques

How to Create Heaps of Ideas in Just 3 Minutes

I bet you often thought how unfair it is that some people so easily practice their creativity and others continuously struggle to get new ...

creative visualization

Creative Visualisation Technique

Creative visualisations are a powerful meditative tool that can be used in everyday life to help you calm your mind, achieve your goals and ...

Creative Thinking Techniques

Creative Thinking Techniques

Creative thinking techniques are different methods of thinking that can help you deliberately think of new ideas and strategies for their ...