New Creative You is a podcast that explores different topics related to creative thinking.

Creativity is a skill that has become essential for successful living. Our world is changing every day, those who can adapt to the new situation are those who will able to recognize and build upon new opportunities around them.

Scientists agree that creativity is a skill like any other.

If so, that means that with practice, it can be developed and improved. Not everyone can become Dali or Tesla, but with some effort, every person can expand their creative powers just enough to become able to build a better professional career and create more exciting personal life.

If you are someone looking to learn more about creativity, if you believe that you have a dormant creative potential somewhere inside you, if you are facing creative block or if you are a professional interested in improving your creative thinking powers than NCY podcast is the right stop for you. In every podcast show, I talk about an interesting aspect of creativity and offer lots of practical advice for you to motivate you and teach you how to use your creative potential to the full.

Pedja Garasanin

My name is Pedja Garasanin.

I am an advertising professional with a seventeen-years-long experience as a creative strategist. During my career, I have worked with different kinds of artists: writers, designers, film directors, actors, musicians, singers, etc. Together with my team, I have developed thousands of advertising campaigns for different clients.

I have always been fascinated by the power of the human mind to create new ideas. As someone who works in the creative industry, I feel it is my duty to share with you what I have learned about creative thinking, and maybe help and inspire you to think more creatively.

Tell Me What Are You Struggling With?

If you have any question or problem associated with creative thinking, please contact me, I’d be happy to help.