• Be Creative in Entrepreneurship – Use Creative Thinking Techniques
    If you seek to be a creative entrepreneur, you should devote some of your time and energy to a regular search for new opportunities and improvements to your business or projects. That is why I decided to share with you in my blog on creativity some straightforward creative techniques that every creative entrepreneur can benefit from.
  • Idea Analogy – Creative Thinking Technique
    The Idea Analogy is a creative technique that most vividly illustrates the Law of Universality of Ideas. In the Idea Analogy, we look behind the concepts used in different domains and transform them to fit our situation.
  • How to Make Working from Home More Efficient
    Recently, many of us have started working from home. Although it sounded like a good idea at first, many professionals accustomed to working in large offices are now facing challenges in organising their working routine.
  • Techniques for Developing Creative Thinking – Pomodoro Technique
    Unbelievably simple and easy to use, the Pomodoro technique can help you maximise your creative thinking!
  • How Do Creative People Think? Part 2
    The creative process has its charms – it can be challenging, energizing, delightful and relaxing, but it can quickly turn into agony. What do you do when you finally get an idea that you were looking for? Is that the moment when your creative process ends? Is there something like the end in the creative process at all?
  • How Do Creative People Think? Part 1
    The creative process is an activity that is hard to explain because it involves complex cognitive, psychological and emotional processes within a person who is creating. Creative people experience it in many different ways, although specific patterns in their thinking can be observed.
  • Can Suffering Make You a Better Artist?
    They say that the best love songs were written by the broken-hearted artist. Is it really true?
  • Neurology of a Creative Brain – How Ideas Are Created
    Are ideas created by specific chemical reactions in our brain or are they a result of a divine inspiration that the Universe is sending us?
  • Go On a Quest for Inspiration
    Inspiration is easy to find if you know where to look. Learn how you can discover your own source of infinite inspiration.
  • You Need Not Be Perfect to Be Able to Create a Perfect Life
    The journey to becoming a better version of you is a rough one, but there is a simple hack that can help you grow every day and finally achieve remarkable results.
  • Monotony Is Softly Killing My Creativity
    You feel trapped in your daily routine. You are tired of doing the same things, meeting the same people, visiting the same places, listening to the same life stories… day […]
  • Put Your Brain to Bed
    Sleeping is healing. Do you sleep enough at night? If your answer is less than seven hours, you are putting your brain and your general health into serious danger. photo: […]
  • How to Create Heaps of Ideas in Just 3 Minutes
    I bet you often thought how unfair it is that some people so easily practice their creativity and others continuously struggle to get new ideas. Problem-solving is a skill like […]
  • Think Like a Detective and Solve Problems in a More Creative Way
    To me, a great idea often resembles a huge puzzle picture. At first glance, it may appear whole and perfect, but when you take a closer look, you will discover […]
  • We Are Not Designed to Live Sedentary Life
    The human brain loves activity; it likes to soak in and process information from the outside world. In fact, movement is precisely what made our brain so unique. photo: liam […]
  • Past Does Not Exist
    Many think that memories of past events are never changing, that they always stay the same, like hieroglyphs carved in an ancient tombstone, but they are not. Every memory you […]
  • Creative Visualisation Technique
    Creative visualisations are a powerful meditative tool that can be used in everyday life to help you calm your mind, achieve your goals and manage important life situations. Creative Visualisations […]
  • Grow. Every Day
    You are the average of the five people you spend most of the time with – Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Humans are social beings. As such, […]
  • Creative Thinking Styles
    Creative thinking is a complex process that consists of several stages and requires mental work that combines several ways of thinking, or thinking styles. Photo: Максим Власенко Creative thinking is […]
  • Creative Thinking Techniques
    Creative thinking techniques are different methods of thinking that can help you deliberately think of new ideas and strategies for their execution. Please, pay attention to the word: deliberately. It […]
  • What Is Creative Thinking – Definition and Explanation
    Creative thinking is the ability to produce fresh ideas to solve problems, look for alternatives and improve processes or simply to create something artistically beautiful that has emotional value. The […]