Prime Your Brain for Success

Every day we are led into forming certain opinions and making individual decisions. Our thinking is influenced on a subconscious level by our family, friends, the media, politics… you name it.

The psychological process behind this subtle mind control is called ’priming’ and it is put into action through the use of Schemata – conceptual structures created in the brain.

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In this episode of New Creative You podcast I talk about:

What is Schemata?

Can Schemata be used in creative thinking?

How does priming work?

Interesting research about the effects of priming

Negative effects of priming in our everyday life

Tools for using priming for your creative and personal growth

In case you are interested in creative thinking in more detail, I suggest that you check out my Deciphering Creativity serial where I explain in details process of creative thinking and offer practical advice on how to increase your creative potential.

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