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How to Organize a Creative Team

In the times that are rapidly changing when a single event like a flu virus can create a global crisis, it is of utmost importance for every company, be it big or small, to form a team of creative professionals ready to face different business challenges.

I am not referring here only to creative business; literally, every type of business needs creatives to be able to adapt to its market conditions.

Team of creative people working together

photo by annie spratt on unsplash

Working with a creative team can be an emotionally charged experience, whether you are running a large production or a small company. Regardless of the size of your team, some basic principles to enhance team creativity can be applied when working with creative people. They can be summarised in these four tips:

Know the type of creatives you are working with

Cherish diversity within your team

Build a solid creative core

Encourage social contacts during work

Customise your teams

Leading creative people is the most difficult but also the most rewarding type of human management. Relationship between the leader and the creatives and between creatives themselves also influence group creativity. Be prepared for sweat, tears, tantrums, laughs and wild celebrations and enjoy the ride.    

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