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You are the average of the five people you spend most of the time with – Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

Humans are social beings. As such, we interact with each other, exchange information, learn to obey social norms and acquire specific models of thinking and behaving from each other. In everyday life, we are attracted by people who are like ourselves – in their company we feel safe, comfortable and understood.

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Sometimes, without realising it, we become surrounded by people who may have a negative influence on us. Whining people, inert and unsuccessful individuals with no goals and plans for the future, those who live in the past or those who indulge in superficial pleasures may be our good and well-meaning friends, but on the subconscious level, they may negatively influence our thinking and behaviour.

We may not always want to admit it, but the people we spend most of the time with are the mirror-images of ourselves.  

During life, we gain certain knowledge, develop new aspirations, and reach insights into who we really are and who we want to become, and we realise that the time has come to move forward. Suddenly we discover that we have outgrown those around us and that we need to surround ourselves with smarter, more positive, open-minded, successful and creative people.

If we can recognise the qualities that we admire in other people, that means that we already have the very same potential, we just did not let it shine. By surrounding ourselves with good qualities in other people, we provide fertile soil for the very same qualities to grow within us.

There are amazing people to look up to everywhere. There are smart, strong, courageous, wise… individuals among the people we already know. There are fascinating people who we can follow online. We can also become inspired by the lives of extraordinary people who lived in the past and learn from their life stories and their work.


Creative thinking exercise:

Think of five people you openly admire and write down their names on the left-hand side of the paper.

Now think of five people you secretly admire and add their names to the list. Be 100% honest!

Next to the name of each person, write why you admire them.

Think about what you can do to become a little more like them.

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