Go On a Quest for Inspiration

Just as much as a physical body needs food as a source of energy, your creative body needs food for your creative thoughts as well.

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Unless you are a professional artist, you probably feel you never have enough time to nurture your creativity because of the mundane tasks and everyday thoughts that occupy your mind and create noise and confusion from which you cannot find an escape. When the time comes to do some creative work and to think of new ideas, you discover that the monotony of everyday life has reduced your thinking to stale, old ideas. In other words, creativity has left you.

Creativity is a fragile plant, it needs to be watered regularly.

To prevent your creativity from slowly dying out, you should embark on regular quests for inspiration. Find some time in your busy schedule to go on a short creative trip. It can be a quarter of an hour each day, or one hour every two or three days, or if you can afford a whole day, you can go on regular Saturday quests for inspiration. Turn off your mobile phone, find a babysitter, tell your partner you need some important work to do… pack your knapsack with pencils, sketchbook or notebook, digital camera and any other paraphernalia that might come in handy when recording your ideas, and do not forget your favourite chocolate bar!

Set out on a trip to a place that is rich in inspiration for the particular artist in you. If you are inspired by visual experiences, spend some time in a museum. If you like multisensory experiences, visit a ballet performance. If you are provoked by words and ideas, go to a library and search for interesting books. If you are emotionally touched by natural forms and spirituality, go on regular walks in nature. If, on the other hand, you are impressed by people and their behaviour, find a bench near a busy bus terminal sit there and observe. If you like to discover human emotions, go to a theatre. If you are fascinated by power and beauty, visit a horse race… You can look for inspiration virtually everywhere: on children playgrounds, in the local pub, gallery, beach… in any place where you can feel the emotional connection with that higher force called Inspiration.

Make these small quests for Inspiration your regular habit, or even a ritual. If you are consistent in this, in time, you will realise that you have created a source of infinite Inspiration. And that it is inside you!


Book NOW in your daily schedule a couple of hours during next five days when you will do some of these things: visit a bookstore, feed ducks in the park, visit a toy shop, take a walk by the river, climb the highest spot in your town, visit your favourite place when you were a child.. or any other activity that you usually do not have time to engage in.

Have a good time… and send me your feedback, please.

Let’s keep in touch.

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