Past Does Not Exist

Many think that memories of past events are never changing, that they always stay the same, like hieroglyphs carved in an ancient tombstone, but they are not. Every memory you have has already been destroyed.

how to live in the moment
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Whenever we experience an event, the information about it is recorded first as short-term memory, and then, if it is repeated several times, or if a strong emotion is connected to it, it becomes part of our long-term memory.

When we think of a past event we engage thousands of neurons which start to collect tiny bits of information about it scattered in different parts of our brain, they glue them together and then replay the whole event in our mind. But every time a memory is recalled, certain bits of information about it become lost in the transmission.

Our memory is like an old vinyl record which scratches in time, so the playing needle sometimes skips the grooves. Since our mind has an instinctive need to fill in the holes in our thinking, it creates false memories so that it can be able to replay the entire experience again and again. That is why you and your best friend may sometimes disagree about small details when evoking the memory of the mutual adventure.

Past does not exist because every complex information has to be dismantled into tiny pieces so that it can be memorised. We are re-creating memory in our mind as we are thinking about it.

Let go of unpleasant memories from your past. Do not let them disturb you by reconstructing them over and over again in your mind. Strip them of their power to influence your present feelings and actions. Instead, save your energy and emotions for better things that will come to you.

Be thankful for what you have here and now. Enjoy it.


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How To Live in the Moment

Whenever an unpleasant memory starts to rear its ugly head, just stop thinking about it. Switch off the manufacturing line that is assembling it, even better, shut it down for good!

To do so, simply look around yourself and focus on something beautiful that you can experience NOW. It can be a tune that is playing on the radio, a flower on the window sill, sunny day outside, a photo of your child on the shelf, the smell of the warm tea, etc., anything pleasant that you can notice around you.

Enjoy the moment and be thankful for this beautiful experience.


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