Creative Thinking Techniques

Deciphering Creativity Episode No4

In this episode of the Deciphering Creativity serial, I am discussing the most popular creative thinking techniques. During my work, I have noticed that there is much ambiguity between the terms: ‘creative thinking techniques’ and ‘creative thinking tools’, so I use this opportunity to explain the difference between the two.

I also talk about Lateral Thinking, what is Lateral Thinking and why it is mistakenly taken for a creative thinking technique.

My favourite thinking techniques are Mind Mapping and Parallel Thinking (a.k.a. Six thinking Hats), so in this episode, I explain the concept of each technique, how it is practised and what are the applications and benefits of each technique. While listening to this episode, you will be able to discover your dominant thinking style. Yes, there are many thinking styles, and you are using a set of your own.

I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU – a document that contains practical examples of mind mapping and some templates for using parallel thinking.

Free document: Mind Mapping & Parallel Thinking TEMPLATES (click and download)

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