Creative Thinking Habits

Deciphering Creativity Episode No5

A great thing about habits is that you can deliberately influence them – get rid of the bad ones and develop good ones. You already have dozens of habits, most of them you are not even aware of, so why not add to the list a few creative ones?

In this episode you will learn:

Why is it essential to create every day and who are some of the most prolific creators in the history of art?

How can learning expand your mental and creative potential and what are the best ways to memorise new information?

How walking contributed to the evolution of the human brain and what is the minimum exercise that will keep your brain fit?

Why exercisers outperform couch potatoes in cognitive skills tests and how a few extra glasses of water per day can keep your brain in the peak performance.

Finally, you will learn what power writing can have on your mental health and creative growth?

As usual, I have a bonus for you – a document containing some tips that should help you acquire your creative habits fast and easy.

Free document: Top 5 Creative Thinking Habits (click and download)

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