Creative Thinking Skills

Deciphering Creativity Episode No3

This episode of the Deciphering Creativity serial will offer the answer to the often-heard question: ’How can I become more creative?’

The answer is simple, yet (seemingly) complicated to apply – by practising creative thinking!

Creativity is a complex skill that incorporates many other skills. In this podcast I discuss the top four creative thinking skills that I for practical purposes call FRIC skills:

F – Focusing
R – Regarding /Observing
I – Intuiting
C – Connecting

I explain why each of these skills is so important for creativity, how they can improve your thinking and how you can develop them.

I also have a bonus for you – a manual containing a list of activities and short exercises that you can do during the day to cultivate these creative skills.

Free e-book: TOP 5 CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS (click and download)

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