The human brain is a unique organ. Although it has evolved from the mammalian brain, it possesses some features that are unique and cannot be found in other primates. I have compiled some interesting facts that illustrate how amazing and powerful your brain is. Enjoy.


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One of the less known but probably the most amazing characteristics of the human brain is that it never stops to evolve!

In 2004 a research was done at the University of Chicago focusing on the genes that are responsible for brain development. In total, 214 genes were compared in the samples obtained from humans, macaques, rats and mice.

The researchers examined points in the DNA sequence that caused protein alterations and found the evidence that the human brain evolved faster than those of other species.

Scientists managed to identify two genes that control the size of the human brain as it develops – Microcephalin and Abnormal Spindle-like Microcephaly (ASPM). These two genes showed significant DNA sequence changes during the pressure of selection.  Microcephalin experienced rapid modifications during the evolution of primates and then slowed down with the emergence of Homo sapiens. ASPM, on the other hand, underwent the most rapid transformation in the later years of human evolution, after the divergence between Homo sapiens and other primates occurred. When the scientist compared the sequence of these genes in humans and other primates, they discovered that the accumulated changes in the human genes allowed human brain to grow in size much faster and thus obtain cognitive awareness that gave Homo sapiens the competitive advantage needed for the survival and development.


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